The Story Of Rajdhani Ethnic Clothing - The Cultural Fusion Prêt Brand

For our August'21 Special Edition Fashion Spread we are showcasing "The Flavors of Fashion for Monsoon" in collaboration with 4 local design houses, the second one being Rajdhani Ethnic Clothing, a Cultural Fusion Prêt brand based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Concept and Editor in Chief : Sarwat Zahin

Photographer : Syeda Mushda Ali

Models : Nodi Chowdhury & Waseka Hossain

Outfits Sponsors : Rajdhani Ethnic Clothing

Infusing classic feminine silhouettes with traditional prints, cuts, colors and patterns, Rajdhani Ethnic Clothing's tagline says let your attire show the significant bond of root and identity that you belong to, proudly. The brand heavily focuses on merging the gap between exquisite stand alone pieces and comfortable everyday wear whether it's by combining classic Kaftans or Two Piece Sets with Floral, Tribal and Ethnic Prints or blending High Waisted Pants with colorful Jungle Prints.

Pinky Peya, the founder of Rajdhani Ethic Clothing says "Working as a fashion influencer myself, I often struggled to find my taste of clothes here. Wherever we would be invited to events I’d mostly design my own clothes. On posting stories and pictures my audience would make inquires about my outfit. That’s when I realized that people are interested in purchasing my style of clothes. She added "All our designs are in LIMITED collection. We want to produce unique prints and keep it niche. We do not restock any of our designs."

Various components need to come together to create a brand. Whether it's design, manufacturing or marketing. When asked about the brand's core values and efforts Pinky says, "The most difficult part is to source unique prints and materials and to figure out which design and print goes hand in hand. We do a all of market research on trends and take inspiration from foreign brands." She adds "We launched on 28th April, 2021. We are a very small team of 3-4 people including my husband, Osama Bhuiya, our garment makers and I."

When talking about the customers that they intend to cater to she said "We cater to customers who want to wear traditional fusion unique clothes. Fun fact: whenever we post BTS of our shoots, our customers book their desired favorite products before we launch it on our feed."

The brand plans on expanding the business in the future and they wish to keep the news of further drops and launches disclosed to maintain a matter of mystic.