The Story Of Tapered - A Premium Made-To-Measure Clothing Line

For our August'21 Special Edition Fashion Spread we are showcasing "The Flavors of Fashion for Monsoon" in collaboration with 4 local design houses, the fourth and final one being Tapered, a made-to-measure tailoring shop based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Concept and Editor in Chief : Sarwat Zahin

Photographer : Syeda Mushda Ali

Model : Arbab Musa

Jacket Sponsors : Tapered

Going by the tagline "Where needs meet a new thread," Tapered is a custom-tailoring designer brand aimed for people who care about how they dress. After launching in November 2019, the brand has garnered credibility amongst the youngsters for its unconventional designs, customizable fits and premium quality outfits. Founded by Raiyan Chowdhury, a young college student himself, Tapered is represents chic formal wear with an eccentric twist.

Raiyan Ahsan Chowdhury, the CEO and designer for Tapered, shared the journey of building the company while saying, "Tapered came into existence due a moment of adrenaline rush after over a year of procrastination. I’ve always been an an enthusiast of fashion but I didn’t want to just come up with something that is like every other “ online designer brand “. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I just wanted something different; something I’m genuinely drawn to. Now we're working with 3 tailors, and have a customer base spanning every district of the country."

He added, "Our speciality is that everything is customizable and we don't just mass produce products, each product is hand cut individually and stitched by artisans with decades of experience. If you find better quality in any other online shop, I'd genuinely be surprised."

When asked about the team behind the brand and his customer base he addressed, "We have a suit tailor, a surplus tailor and another one who makes clothes for women. There's also someone who replies to texts but because I'm so obsessed with everything going right, I'm usually the one who does everything else. Some days it's exhausting but not a single day goes by without me feeling grateful for starting Tapered"

"We've always tried to be a niche brand and reason for that is that we want our customers to only be people who care about fashion and how they dress," he added.

When talking about the hardships that come with building a brand from scratch he said, "People say 9-5 is hard, but they don't realise that running a business is 24/365. Your sick days don't just effect your performance, it effects the business fundamentally. While I could talk about disappointments and failures all day, the search for the next big step is what motivates me. I've been named one of the 40 best designers of the countries by Royal Bengal Atelier and was one the youngest among the chosen; we've also worked with a lot of celebrities like Jessia Islam, Mudassir Aniik and Zaki Love just to name a few. But my biggest achievement is when people like the brand, because it's an extension of myself.

Tapered is currently working on a collaboration with Silk Worm that was due to release a month ago but the lockdowns foiled their plans. They are also working with an NGO to promote a cause dear to them.

At last he spoke about his future plans as he said, "I see Tapered on the centre of runways, in the side of the biggest streets and most importantly, in the wardrobes of the fashionable. to me, it doesn’t matter if the mass public knows about Tapered, it matters if the people “in-the-know” recognize and admire Tapered. I hope to extend our line to accessories, more ready-to-wear collection and bring funkier designs. If not anything else, I want Tapered to prove to people that will look good in any outfit they wear with a heart full of confidence."