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The Story Of Dratini - The Dirt Of Luxury Streetwear

For our August'21 Special Edition Fashion Spread we are showcasing "The Flavors of Fashion for Monsoon" in collaboration with 4 local design houses, the first one being Dratini - A high street clothing brand based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Concept and Editor in Chief : Sarwat Zahin

Photographer : Syeda Mushda Ali

Models : Nodi Chowdhury, Arbab Musa and Waseka Hossain

Outfits Sponsors : Dratitni

A one stop solution for purchasing premium quality streetwear, inspired by global fashion trends, the founders of Dratini like to describe their brand as the dirt of luxury that puts emphasis on fashion and lifestyle. It is a youth-centric fashion brand which aims to provide a fusion between the East and West. Their designs are classic with a tinge of eccentricity and the styles are always changing depending on the season and trends. The brand focuses on keeping a western track to their fashion however, the design for the products are aimed to be global.

"Dratini is a new fashion label founded in 21st century by a team of young fashion entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, making it one of the embellished fashion brands in operation today. I began manufacturing grunge & bold designs for voguish people. I have always been passionate about designing fashionable clothes and as a consequence I launched this fashion brand. Dratini is very new to contemporary audience." says Shafin Ahmed, the Founder and Creative Director of Dratini.

He adds "Dratini wishes to establish a new pattern for fashionistas internationally. The fashion and retail industry tends to be overly youth focused. However, by closely following generational fashion trends as well as our own audiences, we plan to organize our inventory to meet the specific fashion needs of our audience. We will solely focus on the styles, colors and fits."

Various components need to come together to create a brand. Whether it's design, manufacturing or marketing. When asked about the brand's core values and efforts to stand out of the crowd, Shafin Ahmed says, "Dratini’s material choice, imported or rare elements of design and quality of production reflect into high-quality products and high desirability. Dratini uses the finest quality of raw materials and high production methods. This is what makes us different from other brands and establishes additional value for our customers."

He adds, "It would be very complicated to list the kind of work that goes behind running a fashion brand but there are some of the most common efforts and struggles to establish it. We are trying to reach celebrities, fashionistas and the urban crowd with an extremely high taste of fashion and an appeal for the most innovative products."

After receiving an upstanding response for their Summer’21 Prêt and Jewelry collection, Dratini’s new lineup of Prêt and Accessories will be launching soon, exclusively for both male and female.

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