The Musician ft. Anika Rashid Khan

All about power and passion, Anika Rashid Khan is a blossoming musician in the Dhaka music scene known for her mighty vocals. It comes as no surprise that her band setup has also invoked a great response within her audiences, allowing her to step right into the forefront as a youth representative of music in Bangladesh

How and when was your passion of music born?

It started as early as the age of 3 years old. My mother loves to sing as well and I used to sit and try to sing with her every morning as she practiced her vocals with a harmonium. However I was introduced to western music through Hannah Montana from Disney and it just grew from there.

Tell us how your musical journey started.

It all started when I began performing at open mics for amusement. This gave me exposure and attention I didn’t expect from remarkable musicians, and eventually led to me being hired to perform at radio networks and a variety of gigs, including private and corporate ones.

What are the stories and perspectives you want to convey through your music?

''Through my songs I try to express my feelings and tell stories about my life or anyone else’s where I’ve spent a significant amount of time, in hopes that somewhere, someone is going through something similar and would have a song to relate and listen to.''

Tell us about your process of singing and how this blends into your daily life?

I sing all the time and everywhere, and at most I have to just do some breathing and vocal exercises to make sure my vocals are intact. It could be with an instrument like the ukulele, guitar, keyboard, karaoke or a cappella.

How are you keeping up with music this quarantine?

Before quarantine it was very difficult for me to be able to manage time to actually sit and practice as I was working as a teacher, had university and then shows at night but as everything is from home now I can spend more time working on my vocals.

How has quarantine helped you enhance your music skills?

Quarantine had freed up a lot of time whether I liked it or not. So I used this time to perfect my vocals and practice instruments I otherwise would not have touched.

Where do you see yourself as a musician in the coming years?

I have a few songs in the works right now, about to be released at the end of this year with some very talented producers.

''While I work on cementing my place in the local music scene I have simultaneous plans to move to the States in the coming years where I see myself working with musicians/producers there, trying to release an album and get into the international industry.''