Kishwar Chowdhury Makes It To The Top 5 Of MasterChef Austrailia! Here Are 10 Bengali Dishes By Her

Kishwar Chowdhury is the women who is taking the world by storm right now. Born to a Bangladeshi father and an Indian mother, Kishwar has been passed down traditional cooking practices and recipies from her parents, which she wishes to pass down to her kids. This mother of two, has been a passionate home cook, until she participated in MasterChef Australia and garnered a name for herself as a one of the few representatives to bring Bengali Cuisine to a global forefront.

As 38 year old Kishwar Chowdhury creates history as the first ever Australian-Bengali to make it to the top 5 of MasterChef Australia, we are looking back at some of the most thunderous Bengali Dishes she prepared on the show.

1. Vanilla And Pepper Kulfi

Persian Vanilla and Roses, Pistachio Sable with Vanilla Henna Art. White Chocolate Discs with Pistachio and Roses and Rose Ice Granita.

2. Maacher Jhol

Barramundi tomato curry with jeera rice and bean bhorta (mashed beans).

9. Crayfish Malai Curry With Lobster Bisque And Saffron Pillaf

A rich sauce made from lobster head, the ovaries which gives it its distinctive bright orange colour, turmeric, coconut and a spice blend. Paired with Saffron Lobster Bisque Pillaf.

4. Roshogolla Reimagined

Ricotta balls poached in Orange Blossom Syrup, Bay & Vanilla Creme Legere, Saffron Glass and candied orange rind.

5. Bengali Beef Patties

Inspired by the street food in the the heart of Chandichowk, Baked Beef Patties with Tomato Tamarind Chutney and Starfruit Salad.

6. Lau Chingri, Sardine Tok Jhol and Jau bhaat

Winter Melon & Prawn Soup, Sardine Sour Curry and Bengali Risotto

7. Khichuri, Begun Bhorta and Maach Bhaaja

Yellow Rice, Pan Seared Spiced Bream, Smoked Eggplant and Bengali 5 Spiced Vegetables.

8. Khashir Rezala

Fragrant yet mildly spiced Mutton curry, derived from the Awadhi Mughal Cuisine, that is much like a stew, but slightly thicker in consistency with Paratha.

9. Bengali Street Food Platter

Potato samosa, Kurkure made with chickpea flour and Phuchka stuffed with spiced potato and chickpeas and served with sweet and spicy tamarind sauce.

10. Rangamati Barramundi Curry

Inspired by a chicken dish from The Rangamati Hill Tracks, made with soy sauce and native herbs cooked inside a bamboo trunk over fire