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Creating and Influencing a Niche ft. Nazila Nihad

A teacher by day and social media influencer by night Nazila Nihad is a content creator whose blogs are based on Instagram where she talks about topics related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mental wellness and all her fur babies.

This friendship’s day on our exclusive feature we bring to you Nutzila and her best friends FURever!

How did you start your journey as an influencer?

Honestly, it was kind of experimental in the beginning since I had taken some time off of work to fully focus on my final year at University. It started off with me posting random makeup looks because that’s what I wanted to explore more of and much to my surprise it took off!

How do you see the influencer industry in Bangladesh today?

“I love how people are coming forward with their ideas and using Instagram/online blogging as their creative outlet. But I do feel like the label “influencer” has a lot of stigma surrounding it. What you’re calling an “industry” is merely a community of a couple of young people with similar goals. Since it’s still relatively a new community and both brands plus influencers are still figuring things out as they go, it’s easy to not fully realize the responsibility that comes with certain labels. However, I still think it’s pretty cool & courageous for people to put themselves on a public platform just to showcase their passion & creativity even if it garners a lot of negative energy.”

I know that you are a teacher aswell, apart from being a social media influencer, tell us about you balance it all.

Yes, I’ve been a teacher for six years now. I’ve always been robotic when it came to time management as I juggled both university and a full time teaching job so I’ve had that practice before entering this new community. I still don’t think I invest as much time as I’d like to in this world but I try my best to create content that I can truly vouch for at my own pace and time.

You have created a niche group of smart audiences for yourself I believe, how do you want to cater to them and what is the difference you wanna make as a social media influencer for them?

I really love engaging with my audience & barely have any unread DM’s. I think the only difference that you can make as an influencer is to be yourself unapologetically and be as authentic as you can. That’s the only way people could relate to you. I feel like my favourite influencers/creators whether they’re based in Bangladesh or abroad have drawn me in through their creativity and fresh ideas but their personalities are the reason that turned me into a longtime follower. I’m trying to mirror that myself.

What are some of your most memorable working experiences?

I think most recently I’ve been a part of the Dove Self Esteem Project which was a pivotal moment for me in this whole journey. I felt really passionate about the project and the thought behind it so loved being a part of it. It may sound cliche but almost all of my work experiences in terms of blogging have been memorable & I only say that because I’m very selective about my projects!

What are your plans for the future, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

To make this international hopefully! But I’m not sweating it because it’s very draining to continually live in the future. I have specific goals I’m working towards but I definitely don’t want to take the present for granted.

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