7 Instagrammable Places In Dhaka City For An Extravagant Yet Wallet Friendly Date Night

Wanna take your partner out for a cute date night to an irresistibly picturesque or should I say ‘Instagramable’ spot? Here are some exquisite options for a date night that you can enjoy with your partner, without going extra heavy on your wallet.

Whether it’s the occasion of your anniversary or a sudden dinner plan for the weekend, these picks cover a range of charming restaurants and cafes serving high end experiences on an budget that is the most convenient and affordable for you and is absolutely worth every penny for a special night with your special someone.

1. Tree House

2. Fool’s Diner

3. Trouvaille

4. The Grove Bistro

5. Ajo Idea Space

6. Tagore Terrace

7. Cilantro