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6 things I’ve learnt from my Cats by Asif Bin Azad

In a conversation with Asif Bin Azad, he describes to us six things he has learnt from his cutest cats.

Relaxing is an art They found comfort where I didn’t expect them to. They are comfortable anywhere and whenever. It’s really important to take rest. Sleep to energize.

Be Curious Curiosity does not kill the cat. They are always curious about every little thing.

Appreciate Simplicity They find my lanyard more playful than designated cat toys.

Hygiene and Cleanliness Cats don’t pass a single day without grooming. They clean themselves up and each other. It’s not just aesthetic but essential for good health. They always listen to their body.

Loving yourself ''Love everyone but love yourself more. This is the good kinda selfish. Set high standards. Seek opportunities. Act like you’re royal. Be confident and independent. Walk through fear. Explore.''

Living in the moment

The importance of now. They play and go all out. Once they are drained, they wrap it up and go back to sleep or onto the next activity. Double or nothing.

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