6 Statement Sweatshirts To Amp Up Your Winter Style Game | Dhaka Edition

Winter comes but once a year and why not make the most out of it? Since you showed so much love to out previous articles related to winter fashion, we are back with another ensemble that will attract your winter closet like a shining magnet. This time we have curated a list of the Six that will amp up your winter style game x 1000 notches.

Image by Yoke Lifestyles

1. 90s Orange and 90s Yellow

Brand : Harllow

90s Orange BDT 1299

90s Yellow BDT 1099

Inspired by the top notch fashion trends of the 90s, Harllow brought in a signature twist with their drop '90s Orange' and '90s Yellow' sweatshirts that represent the magical era of effortless funk and colors.

In their words you can style it in whichever way you want whether it's with skinny or loose fitted jeans, with sneakers or sandals, the vibe remains intact.

2. Colbalt and Ruby Sweats Set

Brand : Tyche Wear

Top BDT 1299

Sweatpants BDT 1099

A striking pattern adding to a muted-bold color palette, Tyche Wear does a great job in pulling off the perfect combination of comfort wear along with effortless inherent style with their Colbalt and Ruby Sweats Set. The brand labels the sweatshirts as 'the perfect mixture of colors on the fleece and cotton fabric that makes this product not only perfect for outings but something you can even wear to bed.'

3. White Jumper

Brand : Get Goosebumps

BDT 1790

Although called a jumper, this Goosebump's special gravitates more towards providing the facilities of a sweatshirt because of its easy cotton fabric and breathable size. A clean white texture and a subtle emphasis on the quote 'Midnight Sky, You And I' makes for a perfect steal from your boyfriend's closest, both of you twining it up for casual outings or just lounging at home. Pair it with simple skinny or ripped jeans and sneakers and you are good to go.

4. Essential Pullover Sweatshirts

Brand : Vincent Official

BDT 990

Another one of our neutral chic favourites is the Essential Pullover Sweatshirt by Vincent that labels 'Ultra soft cotton fleece with a cozy brushed interior is cut in a standard fit with rib knit banding at the crew neck and cuffs.' A classic mix of black, white and grey, this sweater oozes with versatility and is a style staple for any minimalist.

5. Yoke's Tie-Dye Sweats Line

Brand : Yoke Lifestyles

BDT 1500

Yoke Lifestyle is adding some colors to this dull and drab winter weather though their Yoke's Tie-Dye Sweats line. Inspired by the theme of Unicorns their color palette shouts pastel fun and their material speaks the language of comfort. Available in Sky Blue, Strawberry Pink and Cotton Candy, these sweats sets are perfect for adding the easy breezy fix to your one toned wardrobe.

6. Essentiall Unisex Sweatshirts in Powder Blue and Baby Pink

Brand : Strides Co

BDT 730

Aiming for a 'Snug and Cozy Vibe' in the pastel palette, these Essential Unisex Sweats in Powder Blue and Baby Pink are a must have to add some color and a soothing vibrance to your closest. Pair these up with all black or even white pants for a clean and minimal look that is softer to the eye and adds perfect definition for that sophisticated and graceful look.