6 Organic Skincare Brands In Dhaka Providing That Healthy Holiday Glow

Brand - Azuria Organic | Photographer - Rumki Rahman

The holiday season in Dhaka brings with it, a number of wedding festivities, day to night picnics and gatherings with friends and family, elaborately planned vacations and without a doubt Christmas and New Year's Eve. While juggling between all these occasions and events, we tend to forget to take proper care of our skin, when it needs the most amount of attention and nourishment. Whether it's because of the lack of moisture that comes with the winter sun or the heavy duty makeup looks that we throw on for every other event, it all adds up to damaging our skin internally little by little every time.

To bring in some solutions to your skincare problems, we have put together Six absolutely local, organic skincare brands that you can invest in and trust upon for a healthy

holiday glow. These products range from exfoliators to scrubs, natural oils, brightening masks, handmade soaps, cleansers, herbal packs and so on and so forth, using fresh ingredients that you can swear by.

1. Azuria Organic Skincare

Advocating the tagline "Skincare is a spiritual ritual" Azuria Organic Skincare delivers a wide range of varied products starting from Hydrating Facial Mists, Herbal Powdered Face Wash, Masks and a variations of Scrubs, all working towards making your skin supple and breathable. Along with providing incredible products this brand also emphasises on educating its followers and other skincare enthusiasts by decoding the stories behind each natural ingredient to provide an in depth understanding of the benefits of using such organic remedies for you skin.

2. Amlaki

Just as their slogan says “Premium quality herbal skincare products by Nandita Sharmin“ Amlaki takes care of all aspects related to beauty along with haircare, while providing herbal solutions and passing down beauty rituals and knowledge acquired from science and traditional practices of ayurveda, to come in handy while solving actual skincare issues for women of every age. These well packaged products are easily portable and resourceful for bringing in natural solutions for skin brightening, anti-aging, hair regrowth, breast tightening, cleansing and lots more that usually go unnoticed.

3. Sakura Organics

From anti-wrinkle, de-tanning and de-pigmentation packs, yummy lip scrubs, toners and exfoliators, to skin brightening masks, BSTI approved, unisex, luxury organic boutique brand, Sakura Organics covers a gamut of well packaged, essential skincare items focusing on skincare and treatments for all groups of customers despite the types of skin they have or even gender. The products are also easily great choices as gifts because of their presentable nature and organic roots.

4. Sarin's Store

Going by the concept of an "Organic beauty care brand" Sarin's store focuses on the natural remedies for hair and skin, whether it's through the natural elixirs of youth in the form of mud masks, the magical herbal portions present in Badam or Nigella oil, spot and oiliness removal through Counch powder or the gift of Volcanic Ash for removing pimples and bumps in order to provide healthy and smooth skin.

image by @monohorini_

5. Eurus Bangladesh

Going by the idea of a "Natural-thoughtfully crafted beauty care for you. #madeinbangladesh" Eurus Bangladesh vouches for well packaged, highly Instagrammable products ranging from Aloe Vera, Mango and Charcoal Scrubs, Matcha sleeping masks, Lavender Foot-soaks and bombass serums. The specialty of the brand lies in their vibrancy, the fruitiness, their youthfulness and how they create products to make your skincare experience fun and memorable whether it’s while having sleepovers with your girlfriends or spending a weekend alone date with some wine, cheese and skincare.

6. Soapsthetic Dhaka

An extremely unique and eye-catching brand, Soapsthetic Dhaka, is a student-initiated project with handmade organic products, helping with donations across foundations & organisations. What makes them so off beat but amazing is their specialty in producing absolutely, original and creative handmade soaps from scratch. While they also focus on body and lip scrubs, one can't seem to take their eyes off of the beautifully crafted fragrant soaps, that come in variations of mint, coffee, dried flowers, bubblegum and peppermint, lavender and so much more. While providing extremely fun products they also cater to people in need by donating the entire proceeds of their income to charitable organisations.