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12 Holiday Home Decor Items Under 1500Tk | Dhaka Edition

The holiday season is here and while we quarantine and chill or celebrate it with our closest family and friends, it’s always a good idea to give your home a little makeover and amp up the spirit of the season, if not for anybody else but for yourself.

We have put together a fun list of 12 home decor pieces you can purchase within a budget of BDT 1500 to help you decorate your space in the most innovative ways and get into the perfect holiday mood for this season.

Image by @beniboonon

1. Blueberries Multi Purpose Mat From Beni Boonon | BDT 875

Funk up you dinner table with a colorful multipurpose mat while enjoying a flavoursome holiday feast. 2. Sunburst Plant Basket Set From Beni Boonon | BDT 1425

The crease and dirt from your regular Steel and Clay Pots can get some rest and an easy coverup with these beautiful plant baskets.

3. Cushion Covers From Home Junction 16x16 | BDT 450 per piece

Colorful cushion covers can give life to any dead space. Whether it florals, funky prints or sequin covers, go for themes that you think perfectly match your holiday vibe.

4. Matte Ivory 6pcs Dinner Set From Bashonwala | BDT 1500

A one colored dinner set can amp up your monochromatic classic look x100 while enjoying a wholesome meal.

5. Pen Pot Stationary Holder From Bashonwala | BDT 350

Pro hack : Use this amazingly Instagramable pen pot as your ultimate mini cup to serve some chaa, coffee or hot choco in panache.

6. Jute and Cotton Blend Floor Rug From Meghoboti | BDT 300 per piece

A Rug + Winter + White + Such Reasonable Price = Major Holiday Vibe

7. Adiva Handmade Clay Jewelry Plate From Akoriyo | BDT 800

Minimalists you can now display your jewelry a bit more vicariously with this amazing handmade clay piece.

8. Solar Marble Textures Coasters | Handmade With Clay From Akoriyo | BDT 500 per two pieces

Another creative way to amp up you dinner table is by using these chic coasters from Akoriyo to settle for that perfect earthy vibe.

9. The Haworthia Limifolia from Plant Affairs | BDT 1150tk small

Plants in all their glory, serve as an extremely decorative piece to style your homes and private spaces. Along with brightening up a space with it’s lush greenery it also purifies the indoor air you breathe in. The Haworthia Limifolia from Plant Affairs is one such plant which also remains non toxic for your pets. You can also get more such plants within the range of BDT 500 - 1500 depending on your budget.

10. Original Watercolor Art Print 10x10 From Prints Art Store | BDT 950

Pro Hack : A great way to make your blank wall feel a bit more spruced up is by throwing in some framed art pieces, illustrations or themed prints.

11. Basic Scented Candles From Nuzzld | BDT 650

Candles and especially scented ones can make any space look dreamy and instantly give you the holiday feels without having to put in too much effort.

12. Cinnabun From Zest Candles Co | BDT 900 after sale

Cinnamon flavoured candles = Holiday mood 101

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